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Reefer Equipment
Reefer, the generic name for a temperature controlled container, is an insulated container which allows circulation of temperature controlled air within it. Each reefer has undergone stringent testing and meets the following standards:

•   Stainless Steel
Stainless steel external panels. Also, stainless steel internal corrugated side linings for better air circulation and larger payload.

•   Bottom-air delivery
Cool air circulation to absorb heat given off by commodities.

•   Microprocessor and datalogger 
Advanced and state-of-the-art algorithm to regulate air temperature. Also, robust datalogger to record temperature in entire shipment.

•   Generator Set (Genset)
Genset can provide electrical power supply to the reefer to maintain set temperature, so as to reach the furthest inland locations. Both chassis-mounted gensets and clip-on type gensets (i.e. mounted onto the reefers) are available.

•   CFC-free
Refrigerants installed in all reefers are CFC-free.

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